“Apologies for the long post. Last year I suffered a miscarriage. Unfortunately as most people say you’ll get over it was not the case. I was recommended Reiki by a close friend at first I was skeptical if this will actually help me overcome the miscarriage then I thought what will I lose trying this. So I went on this search to find a reiki healer and the first I found was Sneha Ramji. In the three sessions I had Sneha changed my life and balanced all my chakras. I can’t seem to thank Sneha enough for how my life has changed around and how I can now open up and talk about my miscarriage as something that was destined to happen. I cannot recommend Sneha enough. For all those that just need a boost in life Sneha is the person you need. Thank you Sneha. In her own words – The Universe/God has a way of connecting us with people when we need them. 😊 😊



I would like to share my experience with Sneha Ramji. I was always a positive person but after meeting Sneha around two years ago I feel like I am a new person. I started going to some meditation sessions at her house on a Monday evening and learnt so much, she is such a selfless individual who always kept in touch with me even when I wasn’t attending her workshops. Recently I have attended some event which have really helped me get closer to my goals and has also helped my family. She is so down to earth and makes difficult things so easy just by the way she teaches. Am very grateful to have met her. If anyone here wants to clear blockages, improve their life in any aspect I would highly recommend her. Awesome person who really is out there to help people!


Komal London


Hi All,

Ray Of Light.. Initially recommended by Sister-In-Law to me. It is fantastic. Very informative, great support, hands on, peaceful and loving environment. Sneha Ramji is a knowledgeable, fun, totally supportive teacher. Excellent flow and pacing. Good balance of theory and practice. Clear explanations and background.

I love the way you listen to emotions, teach and bring the techniques to me. It gives me energy and belief in myself for the future. Powerful, energetic, peaceful, inspiring, empowering. I now feel confident to attune. Your Reiki is excellent and I found it really beneficial. Reiki really does find healing to your mind and soul. Helps you find routes and answers through your emotions. I would highly like to recommend Sneha Ramji. If anyone is going through some hard times emotionally/mentally this will really help you.

Pooja London



So far, I have re-started Sneha Ramji’s weekly meditation classes in North Harrow. I have attended 4 sessions…to give you a flavour of the topics Sneha has covered include; intention setting, creating boundaries, defining & exploring self-love, pendulum – learning to connect with your inner guide! All have been absolutely amazing…each session is helping me build strong foundations & I can see positive changes already!

Sneha is very experienced, knowledgeable, kind, approachable, has a lovely witty personality that’s easy to connect with & she genuinely cares for your well-being! I highly, personally recommend Sneha – so do get in touch with her, if you think this can help you.



Lots of love, light & strength Nima x


I would like to highly recommend the wonderful Sneha Ramji, Ray of Light Spiritual Centre.

Following a difficult year last year where I was battling ill health then the loss of my beloved mum, I was struggling as each day passed by. At the start of this year, my health deteriorated further as I was more anxious, suffering panic attacks and had extremely low energy. I could not understand what was happening to me which caused more panic. The doctor could not find anything from the tests and put it down to psychological issues. I always used guided meditation to calm myself down when I suffered a panic attack, however I knew there was something more that I needed to help me.

Thanks to the marvelous Recommend Asian group, I came across a post where Sneha had assisted another member with healing.

OMG, the best decision I had made was to contact this awesome woman!

Sneha provided me with great advice over the phone even before we had met! During the first session, I felt like I was talking to my close friend. Sneha provided me with reiki, crystal healing and chakra balancing. Sneha told me which chakras I needed to work on and gave me a wealth of information.

I have had six sessions over 6 weeks and I’m feeling alot better then I was. I still have a long way to go but to truely gain the benefits, you have to put in the effort and follow the techniques and advice given!

This is a start of a beautiful journey for me as I connected with what I was being taught, especially crystals so I bought my own crystals to use during meditation.

I truely hope my recommendation can benefit someone else out there as it did me via the brilliant Recommend Asian group. I am extremely grateful to Sneha and Recommend Asian. Love and light to you all xxx

Sunny London


I have been blessed to have found Sneha though Prash’s MantraTherapy where I first experienced her offering of meditation. It resonated so much I decided to try her class.
I’ve been attending this form of visualisation and healing on Mondays with Sneha for over a year now.
It has made such a profound difference to my life. I am more content, grateful, self-aware, calm, and balanced. The meditation has gone hand in hand with my practise of yoga over many years, as well as my spiritual growth, over the past 2 years in particular. The focus on chakra healing has been immense for me.
The group is also made up of other beautiful souls all aspiring for the same, so the vibrational energy is amazing, and there isn’t one time that I have been where I haven’t felt uplifted after meditation.

Sneha, bless you and thank you 

Anon London



I saw a post on here recommending Sneha Ramji for Reiki. I decided to go for it as I was feeling very low. She knew instantly what was wrong and able to help me heal from some issues within my personal life. I have had two sessions and I can see old situations clearing up, losing people with low energy vibrations and cutting the negative cycle I was in.

It has been a few weeks and I am pleased to say life is looking alot brighter and positive:)
I highly recommend Sneha Ramji ! She is excellent and I can’t thank her enough !!!

Thank you so much

Anon London



I was quite cynical about the whole concept of the ‘Law of Attraction’ especially because of the overly simplistic interpretations of the concept that seem to be  popular today so when i went to Sneha’s workshop it was with skepticism. What I found however was reasoned and reflective thoughts and understandings on the concept. Sneha gave  details on the idea which was clearly backed by her deep understanding of it. She was patient and explained everything clearly as well as responding to challenges and questions. The overall atmosphere of the day was also incredibly comfortable from moments of jokes and fun, to periods of intense sharing that could only have happened because of the safe space that was created. I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting an insight into the law of attraction but also for those who would like to further their knowledge! A great day with delicious, health lunch thrown in too!

Sheena London


Sneha came recommended on a closed Facebook group and coincidentally had a workshop planned a few days afterwards. I had been through a recent personal upheaval in my life and was also curious about chakra balancing. Sneha is a down to earth, kind woman who led an excellent workshop. Her good sense of humour and guidance was instrumental in what proved to be an eye opening day. I felt cared for, relaxed, and a lot more balanced at the end of the day than I did before the workshop. Of course, the lovely vegan lunch was the cherry on top. I would highly recommend this workshop for those who are seeking to weave spirituality into their daily life.

Jas London

“I first came across Sneha’s name on a facebook post praising how great she made the person posting the comment feel after a meditation session.  I’ve been feeling a bit off balance lately and finding it difficult to control my emotions.   I knew I had to do something and decided to attend a chakra balancing workshop that Sneha was running.  I was expecting some guidance on which chakras I need to work on and how to go about working on them.  What I wasn’t expecting was how fantastic and relaxed and tranquil I would feel at the end of the workshop.  I surprised myself at how calm I was feeling even going back to the chaos of normal life.  With practise and regular meditation I hope to maintain this feeling.  Sneha and Vinod were absolutely amazing and made me feel at ease as soon as I met them.  I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone.  Sneha’s yummy vegan lunch was an added bonus too”.

Geeta London

“Sneha was accurate to the point where I nearly fell off my chair. She picked up on the problems

that had been troubling me without me giving her any indication as to what was on my mind. She also
gave me some positive news and I look forward to going back for further healing and I would also highly
recommend her to anyone looking for healing.”
Louise, London
“I was initially a little hesitant about having a healing session with Sneha. She did a group session with 3 of us and I could not believe how accurate she was! Two days before the session I discovered that I was in the very early stages of pregnancy but only my husband and I knew. After the healing Sneha gave me a message in private that I was pregnant! Not only this but she also picked up on other injuries that were not common knowledge to anyone. I would urge anyone who is in need of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing to have a healing session with Sneha.” Varsha, Leeds