Services – We offer life changing packages where we combine knowledge of energy, meditation, healing and coaching. These packages combine the modalities to, not only impact the situation you are currently facing, but a alternation in attitude and thought processes. You can move forward with the removal of blockages that have stop you attracting the kind of life you always wanted. It can help you to be more in control of your life with clear goals and aspirations.


Reiki Healing

First Session typically lasts 1.5/2 hrs. This will be at a reduced rate of



Per hour

per 1st session

Meditation Classes £50 One to one
Meditation Group Class £7  Per class
Spiritual Coaching £60 Per hour
House Energy Blessing £100 Per clearing
Law of Attraction Coaching £60 Per hour
Chakra Clearing £80 Per hour
Energy Consultation £60 Per hour

Packages £250

How to attract the ideal partner                                                                                      
How to clear negativity in your life                                                                                 
Healing the Inner Child                                                                                                   
Overcoming anxiety 
Financial Abundance        
Self Confidence/Self Love                                                                                               
Bulk purchase of 4 sessions £250
Bulk purchase of 3 sessions £180

We do offer packages if you would like to combine the modalities offered, which works out more favourable. We can sometimes come to your house for convenience and this will incur an additional travel fee.

We also offer distant healing, which can be done over Skype or the phone. This is just as effective as one-to-one healing as energy travels to where there is intent. We are unique as we offer spiritual/Soul Coaching as well as the reiki. So you get a all around healing experience. The cause of any aliment starts in the aura – the mental or emotional body. By discussing and learning energy techniques we can clear more effectively along with the reiki healing.