Have you ever thought about how energy and healing works? would you like to help your family with the ability to heal?  or are you considering a career as a healer? Or you want to give back and help people?

The Reiki course will include the following:

The history of Reiki
The principles of Reiki
The lineage of Reiki, of which we teach DR Usui
The basics of chakras and how they play a part in reiki healing
A brief introduction to the seven energy bodies
How to ground and protect yourself.
How to close yourself down
The 21 hand positions
Teach you how to utilise the 21 hand positions
You get to practice Reiki on yourself and fellow attendees

And at the end you will receive a Reiki I certification


Early Bird £120 before 19th May

Book: http://www.reikii.eventbrite.co.uk