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Creating Abundance

Do you want to live a life of abundance?  Would you like a more peaceful mind? Less stress?

Want to learn how energy reflects in your life? how to manipulate your reality and create an abundant life? Not just Financially but to live in gratitude each day, to have more leisure time, more time with family and holidays. To manifest the life of your dreams.

All of this knowledge for £25 a month. We offer a monthly Subscriptions package which helps you to re-connect with yourself and create abundance and flow with the universe.

This includes:

1) Four group meditations within a month. This can be taken in person, or there will be a live online or catch up version.
2) Regular video updates on souls progression and other topics
3) One group healing sessions online a month.
4) Regular blogs and articles written by me and others on energy balancing and clearing.
5) Discounts to any Ray of Light courses.
6) Free chakra consultation to start the membership.

You will need to be on Facebook to participate. As soon you join you will be added to our facebook subscriptions group where you will have access to a library of material too.

Join now: