The Ray Of Light Spiritual Centre was first established in 2009, headed up by Sneha Ramji.


It offers various spiritual services including spiritual coaching, energy clearing, house energy clearing, meditation, law of attraction, crystal and Reiki healing.

Sneha Ramji is a qualified Reiki master. Her training commenced with a spiritual healing course at the renowned College of Psychic Studies, leading to further studies of Reiki and crystal healing, as well as attending classes in psychic development at the famous Mysteries of London. She has learnt this ancient art of healing from an Indian Grand Master whose lineage traces back to the original founder of Reiki.

Sneha has an emphatic and compassionate nature, which people are naturally drawn to. She is a good listener and is quickly able to pinpoint to the root of your problem. She has experienced many challenges in her own life, so understands people and is able to put herself in their position. This makes her a perfect candidate to be a healer and spiritual life coach.